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Fresh Start

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Pokémon slugma drawing in alcohol marker pens
Slugma 2019 - alcohol marker pen on paper

The last week has been a significant one. A particular reason was that I launched my new website. In my enthusiastic excitement to launch it, I forgot to record information that I hadn't yet transferred; dates and information about various exhibitions and shows participated in or held. Thankfully that through a search engine, you can probably find most internet related services, such as a service that would dig up an old archived version of a website. You see, I moved my domain from my old website to my new website. This meant my old website was deleted off the internet. Except, I had been able to use an online service to observe an echo of its old form. A lot of the images were broken, but the text content, which I needed, was intact. Mission accomplished.

Pokémon slugma as a watercolour pencil drawing
Slugma 2014 - watercolour pencil on paper

However, in my journey to retrieve what I thought was lost, I uncovered something else. Before the idea of Googling "webpage archive", I thought I'd try visiting my website’s old platform. I logged in with what I thought was my corresponding login details and found my old personal blog. This blog was run during when I was unemployed, and the content reflected that. I had explored ideas for YouTube video content by writing the script in the form of blog posts. I would record myself reading my blog post as a script to practice confidence with audio recording. One two-part post series was a critique of Pokémon designs. In those posts, I had drawn half of the Pokémon I referred to. It was interesting to compare how I drew five years ago to today. In fact, in this post you can see the difference. I then decided to dig further back and revisit my blog from when I was at university. I had been aware that I had changed a lot since, but it was something else to read my old words and remembered how I used to think and feel. I am grateful that I have grown and I am excited at the idea that I will continually grow, as a person and artistically.

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